Yellow Music Note

Benefits of Music in
Early Childhood Education

Mrs. Kelly - "The Wide Mouth Frog"

Mrs. Kelly - "The Wide Mouth Frog"

Research indicates:

Cognitive, social, listening, language, and psychomotor skills are enhanced through musical exposure.

Large and small motor skills are enhanced through musical movement exploration and playing rhythm instruments.

The earlier music is introduced,  the more potential a child has for learning.  Exposure to music rewires neural circuits in the brain.



Creating loving attachments and sharing quality time with your children have a powerful impact on their emotional development and learning abilities.  

Songs, movement and musical games of childhood have been called “brilliant neurological exercises” that introduce children to speech patterns, sensory motor skills and essential movement skills.

Early music experiences increase spatial-temporal reasoning and the learning of mathematical concepts.

The highest level of music aptitude occurs immediately after birth.  Infants possess an abundance of genes and synapses that immediately make them ready for learning music.