Parent's WeJoySing Testimonial & LOVE for Mrs. Lynnette!

lynnette & child.JPG

Janelle Pickens, Speech Language Pathologist and owner of Cornerstone Speech Therapy, shared an excerpt from an email she received from one of her speech therapy families who started their child in WeJoySing.  The excerpt “sings” the praises of Mrs. Lynnette and WeJoySing’s methodology.
“We had the first visit to New Albany Franklin UB Church for music and movement learning program for toddlers last night. What a fantastic program it was! Mrs. Lynnette, the lady that conducted the program, was terrific! We had a quality time with our child yesterday. He was very focused, and this lady was so amazing that she was able to get him focused most of the time.
He used to say 'UL' when someone calls on his name. When Mrs. Lynnette asked, 'What is your name?" He said his name to our dismay. Then she asked what his age was. He said 2 without any hesitation. That was amazing! This lady was energetic and most effective in getting the children focused.  Kids get drawn to her in a matter of minutes. I believe that's something she may have developed over the past few years.
I think it is a joyful way for our child to learn and grow. Not only did the kids but also we had a quality time yesterday.”

Music is such a JOYFUL way to learn, listen, play, and grow!   Thank you, Janelle for sharing this delightful WeJoySing testimonial!