Bouncing on Mommy's Knee to Playing the Piano: Part II - A Life of Music, Simone's Story

“Often a single experience will open the young soul to music for a whole lifetime.” Zoltan Kodaly.  

Simone (20 months) and Mrs. Beth

Simone (20 months) and Mrs. Beth

It was through the kindness of a stranger who felt strongly about WeJoySing that Malinda first heard of this music and movement-based class. “I love music and, in the home, we had a keyboard and little instruments for Simone to play with at all times. We listened to age appropriate music with 1 voice and one or two instruments from early on. I wanted to encourage that musicality in Simone, so we joined the class when she was about 18 months old.” In the beginning, Malinda notes that Simone was very sensitive to all the stimuli and she remembers spending quite a bit of time out of class or on the sidelines calming her daughter. Malinda was very in tune with her daughter’s signals and because she was always by her side, class slowly became safer and more accessible to Simone. “The parent-child interaction in the class made it so her sensitivity decreased, and her enjoyment factor became greater. Because it was a small enough dose, she could learn to manage.”

Simone participated in WeJoySing with 3 teachers and the family found it was always a quality experience. “I have been thrilled with every instructor along the way! We have never had to move around to find a good fit like I have in other activities. And that Mrs. Jo is kind of like the pied piper with kids, she draws them in!” 

Simone 3.5 with group & mrs jo.jpg

Simone has always looked forward to attending classes and now that she is older will still pick WeJoySing Music & Me classes whenever a conflict arises in her activity schedule. As Simone progressed through the sessions, Malinda noticed her daughter’s memory improved and she had a great sense of rhythm, so much so that Simone’s ballet teacher also remarked about it. When it came time that Malinda wanted to involve Simone in piano lessons, she consulted with Mrs. Jo as to what method would be best for her daughter. Through the guidance of Mrs. Jo, Simone has found success in her piano lessons as well. “To this day, I am impressed at how Simone can pick the correct keys to play for the tune she wants to make. I believe it is because her ears were trained through the WeJoySing classes over the years.”

Malinda highly recommends WeJoySing to families looking for something to do with their children. As her daughter has progressed from the Heart Strings classes into the Music & Me classes, she notes that the parent meetings and the time the teachers took to point out the philosophy behind the methods was beneficial. The parent-child interaction built into the classes is an excellent way to see and learn what is going on and even though Simone is more independent in the Music & Me course, her joy is apparent as she runs to grab Malinda to participate! While some musical skills require individual instruction, like Simone’s piano lessons, Malinda values the sense of community built within the WeJoySing classroom. “Over time families have come and gone in the classes, but some families have stayed over the years and I value that she has relationships with others outside of the school setting.” Thanks to the glowing recommendation of one WeJoySing parent, Malinda and Simone have a bank of memories, skills and joy to call their own!

Joyfully Submitted,
Mrs. Kristi