Welcome! Nancy Gillespie to the WeJoySing Staff

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Mrs. Nancy has always loved listening to music and going to live concerts. She even played everything from the oboe to percussion in her childhood; but it was her search for something musical to do with her daughter that brought her to WeJoySing. A friendly neighbor mentioned the local class which Mrs. Nancy l
loved attending weekly with her then 8-month-old daughter Camilla.

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Mrs. Nancy grew up in Northeast Ohio and went to college at The Ohio State University where she met her husband Mike. The two of them lived on the beach in Los Angeles for 5 years after graduating from college. Working, traveling and exploring California during their time there was thoroughly enjoyable. The couple moved back to Central Ohio to be closer to both families.

Mrs. Nancy and her husband enjoy date nights in the Short North and she enjoys working on little interior design projects throughout their home. She likes to do yoga and go for stroller walks and runs in their neighborhood, with frequent pit stops at nearby playgrounds for Camilla, of course!  Camilla, who is now almost 18 months old, is excited to become a big sister when her little brother is born in April of 2019!

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Mrs. Nancy will be serving as our social media marketing coordinator and will be building a strong social media presence for WeJoySing. Mrs. Nancy states, “We have been so fortunate to have been in Mrs. Jo's class in Dublin since my daughter started WeJoySing when she was 8 months old - she is almost 18 months old now. I have gotten to know Mrs. Jo over the past year and this opportunity organically came up in one of our conversations before class. It was naturally a perfect fit for both of us! I'm really excited to share special WeJoySing moments from both class as well as moments captured at home!”


Mrs. Nancy is already hard a work increasing WeJoySing’s online presence, so we are excited to share that WeJoySing is officially on Instagram! Please make sure to follow us: @wejoysingmusic. We will be using Instagram with our Facebook page to share pictures, announcements, teacher spotlights, giveaways, videos and more!  We know you are already taking pictures and videos during class and we would LOVE to have our followers share their in-class and at-home WeJoySing moments with us by tagging us @wejoysingmusic and using the hastag #WeJoySing when you post your memories!

WELCOME ALLISON JACOBS, Newest Member of the WeJoySing Staff

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Allison Jacobs is honored to join the WeJoySing staff family and share her love for music with you and your child! Allison grew up in Northeast Ohio in a small village of Minerva nestled on the historic Lincoln Highway (US Route 30). The entire village has a total area of just 2.23 square miles and a population of just under 4,000.

Allison cannot remember a time when music was not a part of her life. She grew up playing piano and always loved picking up new instruments and teaching herself how to play them. In high school, her involvement in musical ensembles confirmed her future goals to become a teacher of music.  Allison earned her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education in 2016 from the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio where she participated in a variety of musical programs including the women’s chorus, flute choir and marching band.

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During her elementary music student teaching experience, it became increasingly evident how much she loved this line of work.  Allison states, “I’ve always loved working with young children, but I really found my passion for early education while earning my degree in Music Education.”

Allison married her wonderful husband, Josh, a month after college graduation and they moved to Wooster, Ohio to serve at a Christian camp and retreat center. Allison’s husband grew up in the Dublin area, so recently, they and their sweet fur-baby, Milo the cat, moved to the Dublin area to be closer to family.  Allison notes, “I ended up falling in love with both Josh and this city!”

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Allison enjoys walking in nature, hanging out with loved ones and visiting locally owned coffee shops in search of that awesome cup o’ joe! Coffee is not just an enjoyable drink for Allison, she states, “one of my lifetime goals is to open up my very own, cozy little coffee shop!”

Allison is thrilled to begin building relationships this summer within the WeJoySing family as she remarks, “Singing, dancing and playing with kids while building a foundation for success not only in music, but life. This is exactly what I am looking for in my career.”

Submitted by: Mrs. Kristi

Welcome Megan Davenport - Getting to Know You Part II


I was born in Shelby, Ohio and lived in the country where my 3 younger siblings and I loved to play outside.  When we were inside, our favorite pastime was singing and making up dances to songs (and convincing our dad to videotape our dances!)  We moved to Stow, Ohio when I was 9 and I quickly got involved in softball, tennis, choirs, marching band, and community service.  My parents still live in Stow.

Mom sang to me ALL THE TIME and took me to the library story time, where I learned more songs. I have never stopped singing.  I started playing piano and sang in choirs at 5 years old.  I played trumpet, French horn, and mellophone in middle and high school and was involved in concert, marching, and jazz bands throughout that time.  In college, I pursued my interest in singing and was fortunate to be a vocalist in an all-female a cappella group and a bluegrass band.  Currently, I sing with my worship band at church once a month (and with my son every day!)


My husband, Remington, and I are high school sweet hearts who stayed together while attending separate colleges and finally came together in Columbus.  We love living in Columbus!  Brecken, our 2 year old son, is our little miracle and the light of my life.  We all love spending time together playing outside, cooking, reading, singing, and just being silly.  We also have two adorable and loving adopted dogs named Mason and Claire.


I hold a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Educational Studies, as well as a Masters in Early Childhood Education and a Masters degree in education from Kent State University. Over the past 9 years I have been a classroom teacher for students ages preschool-2nd grade at Chapelfield Elementary in Gahanna. Teaching is absolutely my passion and my calling.  I currently stay home with our son and am so blessed to get to teach and learn from him every single day. I am so blessed to get to spend each day with my funny, curious, spunky little boy. I am also LOVING teaching WeJoySing and getting to use my teaching background in a brand new way.  


 My husband and I were heavily involved in CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting prior to Brecken.  I have always been interested in fitness and joined a gym where I could nurture that interest and pursue some personal fitness goals.  In 2014, I competed in Olympic Weightlifting at the Arnold Classic and qualified to compete in a National Olympic Weightlifting competition in Washington D.C. later that year!  It’s still surreal to think that I got to compete at that level, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have had the experience. 

I love to cook and wanted to share that passion with friends and loved ones through my recipe blog: Don’t Worry Live Healthy . Although I am not currently active on the blog, I have quite a large collection of recipes already shared and plan to start working on it again in the future.  It’s a fun creative outlet and a way for me to share my recipes with the world! 

Can't wait to get to play with you and your child at WeJoySing!  We'll have a delightful time singing, learning and playing together!
La La's!
Mrs. Megan

Friendships Grow in WeJoySing

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Being a WeJoySing teacher doesn’t just mean playing with children for 1/2 hour weekly.  It means you make a special place in your heart that grows to an enormous size as your love for the children blossoms.  You become a part of their family and they become a part of yours. 

This summer, my heart hurt almost as bad as it did when I took my daughter to college.  I felt like I was cutting some apron strings, only the apron wasn’t mine to begin with. 

Kissing Leg.jpg

The Townsend family has been a part of WeJoySing for almost 4 years.  In those 4 years, I have seen a tiny little 6 week old baby, James, grow into such a beautiful, vibrant and loving little boy....a little boy who can’t wait to sit next to me when he arrives to class.  A little boy who always has news to share with all his friends.  The one who sings at the top of his lungs when we sing, “I Love My Little Rooster.” And finally, a little boy who loves to kiss my leg while I’m teaching and cries when he waits to take turns being Mrs. Lynnette’s partner.  Oh, I love that little boy, James, and I appreciate his love for music....and me.

Hugging little girl.jpg

In 4 years, I’ve grown to love my chats with James’ Mom, Carolyn.  Our chats were honest and sweet.  We would talk about life and how difficult it can be when you are a young mother.  Then one day I found myself trying to keep Carolyn safe when she was carrying James’ sister, Lydia.  There were some complications as Carolyn carried Lydia but she was determined that James would still make it to WeJoySing.  Lydia was born prematurely and I remember fervently praying that she would flourish each day because I knew that a little boy was waiting to take care of his little sister.  It was a beautiful day when Lydia joined us in class and then she began her own classes.  The dimples that precious princess has are priceless!!!  I rejoiced with her family as Lydia got stronger with each passing day. 

Townsend family & Lynnette.jpg

This summer, they came to WeJoySing for the last time.  They have moved to New York and the commute to get back to WeJoySing class is just too far!  As I waved, and held my tears until they got out the door (Carolyn thanked me for that!), I felt as though a piece of my heart was leaving, because the more you love the more it hurts when saying goodbye.  My hope is that the music and joy we shared will continue to grow in their lives and will somehow, keep us connected.


"Getting to Know You" - PART I

 "Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you!"  These familiar lyrics from "The King & I" are a great way to introduce  our newest WeJoySing Instructors.  Part I of "Getting to Know You" will feature Kristi Frazier. Her Granville and Childhood League children and families have already begun to bond and share together the delight of learning and growing through musical play.  Enjoy Part I as Kristi shares her life, family, love for education and music!  She writes:

Kristi, husband & daughter.jpg

I grew up in rural Knox County, outside of Gambier, Ohio on a small farm adjacent to my grandparents. I attended Mount Vernon City Schools for my education and obtained my first teaching job there in 2000 after attending OSU-Newark for my Masters in Education. My dream to work as a teacher started with a position as an itinerant preschool teacher where I traveled to pre-school facilities and homes to transition children from Help Me Grow to our District Special Education program. I then served as the teacher and director for our district special needs pre-school which was an incredible journey! I spent one year as a Kindergarten teacher, four years as a First-Grade teacher and four years as a Second-Grade teacher. Each grade level I taught brought about new discoveries about children at that age level and I loved it!

During my childhood, my mother made a point to get me in piano lessons, which I dreaded at the time, but am most grateful for now. I went on to play in the band; clarinet for concert season and trumpet for marching band season. My choral experiences started in the church setting, singing in children’s choirs, soloing and eventually leading the children’s choirs. Choir, praise band, local theater, and belting out songs in the car kept my musical skills fresh. When I taught in the public schools, music was a constant in my classroom, whether it was a transition song to get the kids to line up or the classical music I played for its calming effect; music was ever-present within my classrooms.

Goats on shed.jpg

I lived in and taught in Mount Vernon for 11 years before meeting my husband-to-be. He owns a business in Pickerington, so Granville happened to be a great middle ground for both of us. Living just outside Granville makes access to the eastern outskirts of Columbus a breeze, while still providing us with the small-town feel. We currently live on 3 acres with about 2 of it under pasture. We are only pasturing sheep right now, but have had chickens, goats, ducks, cows, rabbits and pigs on our mini farm. Once our daughter Lila, who is just 22 months now, gets older, we intend to bring more chickens onto our mini farm so she can help collect their eggs and tend to them. My favorite animals we have cared for thus far are the goats because they are rambunctious and playful; but chickens come in at a close second.

Lila with Mrs. Jody.jpg

            Joining the WeJoySing community with my daughter when she was just 6 months old was an incredible experience. Not only did it provide me with several new songs, bounces and finger plays to do with Lila; it also provided a sense of community with the other moms. We all looked forward to our weekly “La-La” class as the children came to call it! Now when my family visits, my daughter Lila has started passing out instruments to everyone in the room for sing time…perhaps another teacher in the making?!

La La's for ALL!!
Mrs. Kristi

The Essence of Parenting: Strong Roots Lead to Wings to Fly!

Mrs. Krista and her first born son!

Mrs. Krista and her first born son!

Hello WeJoySing Families!
It is wonderful to be together with you again this Fall!  We missed you and your little ones during the long summer break and it’s a JOY to see those little smiles and hear little singing voices once again!

I am always amazed at how much my little friends grow and change over the summer.   Suddenly those who were just starting class with me as tiny infants are running into the room and talking in complete sentences!  It happens so quickly!  As a mom, I recognize the little heartbreak that comes when your child no longer wants to sit in your lap during class, or wants to play an instrument all by themselves, with no help from you.  My own boys did the same thing!  It’s the first of the many “letting go” moments we experience as parents. It means our children are growing up.   It also means that they are confident enough to try things on their own, knowing that you are there to love and support them as they go their own way.  It’s the essence of parenting – giving our children a strong foundation to build upon, then giving them the independence to fly!

First born son is spreading his wings...COLLEGE!!

First born son is spreading his wings...COLLEGE!!

I experienced a huge “letting go” moment about a month ago, when we took our oldest son to start his freshman year in college.   During the drive, I was thinking about being pregnant with him, and just learning how to be a mom to him once he was born.  And wait, wasn’t that just yesterday??  How could we be taking our baby to college already?  What have I forgotten to teach him?  Is he ready?  Am I ready??   I managed to hold back my tears as I gave him a final hug goodbye, all the while feeling like there was a lump in my throat and a hole in my heart.   Then a sense of calm set in as we drove home without him, because I knew we had given him the best roots we could, and he was ready to soar! 

So, I promise you all, it’s alright if your little one wants to leave your lap during class, and go exploring.  You are giving them wings!  Enjoy every moment, even the “letting go” ones. 

Love and La Las,
Mrs. Krista

Music's Influence on Speech and Language Development with Speech Pathologist, Courtney Jones

Jody with boy on lap.jpg

I LOVE the WeJoySing curriculum.  As a WJS instructor and a WJS parent, I have seen how WeJoySing can make a difference in the lives of children and parents alike.  We strive to create an atmosphere where learning can TAKE OFF! But the best part is – it all happens in the context of PLAY! The children think they are just PLAYING.  When in reality, so much BRAIN WORK is happening! 

I have seen it in action and have read the research supporting our approach, but I wanted to hear from a professional in the area of speech and language development.  A parent in one of my classes, Courtney Jones, is a Speech Language Pathologist.  I asked if I could interview her to get her perspective on WeJoySing and how it helps children in the area of speech acquisition. 

Tell me a little about your family and professional background:I am a Speech Language Pathologist with a Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders.  I have spent the majority of my career working with children at the preschool level with speech impairments and expressive, receptive and social language deficits.  My husband, Travis, and I have a 16 month old son Oliver and I am currently a stay-at-home mom.

How did you hear about WeJoySing?  
Once my son turned six months old, I was feeling a need for an activity for him (and me!) since he was so busy.  My friend, who has a daughter a year and a half older than Oliver, told me about WeJoySing.  Oliver and I visited a class last February and have been back every session since.  Because we live in Zanesville, it takes us 40 minutes each week to get to class.  However, because Oliver enjoys the class so much, and I see how impactful WeJoySing has been to his social and language development, the 40 minute drive has been nothing but worth it. 

Why did you decide to sign up for WeJoySing classes?  
I first sought out WeJoySing as a way to add some routine to our schedule and to get us out of the house!

How do you see WeJoySing helping children with language acquisition and development? Have you seen ways that WeJoySing has influenced Oliver's speech and language development specifically?
I have been so impressed by the professionalism of WeJoySing and by the program’s ability to incorporate so many fundamental language components through the use of music. One-step direction following, social engagement, turn-taking, spatial concepts, use of instruments, new vocabulary and established routines are just a few of the things I see WeJoySing implementing to help with language acquisition in these young children. 

The 1 Year Olds like their "La La's" on the Tummy!!

The 1 Year Olds like their "La La's" on the Tummy!!

Throughout the weeks, I saw my son develop familiarity with the songs and routines.  For instance, the stuffed animal dog who greets the children each week and a stamp (or “lala” as they call it in class) the children get on their hands at the end of each class.  Oliver would smile during the welcome song, try to imitate gestures like clapping and waving, “dance” along to the music and would giggle in anticipation of gross motor movements like lifting him up high or swinging him around. I will never forget being home with Oliver and after saying the sounds “lala” to him, he looked at his hand and pointed, making the connection between the sound and meaning of the sound.  It was one of the first times I realized he receptively understood what I was saying!

The WeJoySing instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly and the environment is warm and welcoming.  I feel so grateful to have learned about WeJoySing.

With many thanks to Courtney for her expertise and
word of “wisdom” for our parents and reader!
Mrs. Jody

The Gift of MUSIC!!

The Wide mouth frog

The Wide mouth frog

LOOK EVERYONE!  Mrs. Kelly is always excited to come and loves to play with us at the St. Stephen’s Childcare and Community Center downtown Columbus!!   

At St. Stephens Childcare, Mrs. Kelly and the children’s program volunteers from the Christ Child Society work together to support and encourage the children’s play-filled learning and joyful motivation toward the development of essential early skills through music and movement experiences. It’s an exciting and fun-filled time of learning as the children play instruments, sing, read stories and dance!

Here I come with my little tom tom!

Here I come with my little tom tom!

Mrs. Kelly reports that, “The children loved going to "Music Land" and their favorite activities were helping me with the voices while reading "The Wide-Mouthed Frog" and playing the drums!

Contact WeJoySing at 614-868-0107 for more information about WeJoySing's Child Care, Preschool, and Montessori music and movement based programs. We'd love to be a part of your child's child care experience!  MUSIC, It's a JOY-FILLED way to learn