17 Month Old Re-Enacts WeJoySing at Home -AMAZING!!

“Bounce, Bounce, Bounce….STOP…SHHH,” directed little Elliott as she re-enacted her WeJoySing “Heart Strings” class at home. Mom grabbed her camera, captured these delightful memories and shared them with Mrs. Karen, Elliott’s WeJoySing teacher, and Mrs. Jo, WeJoySing’s President.  They were thrilled to see the tremendous amount of language development and sequencing of thought emerging during Elliott’s musical play.

The power of music during our play time with our children extends far beyond smiles, giggles and bonding. While the child is actively involved in the work of playing; his/her musical, mathematical, language, and emotional intelligences are all being ‘wired’ in the brain.

 Language Development:
*Elliott’s use of the ‘B’ sounds as she bounces teddy and her use of the ‘T’ sound while she taps her leg demonstrates her phonological awareness and approximations towards the words ‘bounce’ and ‘tap’!
*The rhythmic bouncing, stopping and shushing show Elliot’s sequencing skills which will assist her in future sentence construction as she gains more language skills.
* Bouncing an infant or toddler provides an ideal experience of steady beat. “The child must be rocked, patted, bounced to develop a feeling of the beat. Meter and beat are often used in early rhymes and favorite books which will assist in expanding language development.” (Music and Movement for Infants and Toddlers: Naturally Wonder-Full.  By John M. Feierabend, Ph.D.
*Elliot is clearly in the transitional stage of learning where she can now transfer to her teddy bear the things we once did to, for and with her! The class bouncing activities have been internalized by Elliott and she can now ‘do it herself’!

Keep Talking.jpg

*The exposure to a variety of vocabulary, both in the action words Elliott is using and in the lyrics she will begin to repeat soon, will enhance Elliott’s future repertoire of vocabulary. “For if you wish for children to develop a sophisticated spoken vocabulary, they must also hear a sophisticated vocabulary.” (Music and Movement for Infants and Toddlers: Naturally Wonder-Full.  By John M. Feierabend, Ph.D.)

 The sheer number of words a baby hears affects his language ability later in life. Notice the graph here as it relates to vocabulary development in children who are talked to and within their formative first years of life.

GRAPH from pg. 40 in WeJoySing manual, From article: Inside Your Baby’s Brain

Elliot’s videos clearly reveal that she is ‘talking’ excessively to her little baby! Wouldn’t you love to know just what she is saying so vibrantly and lovingly to her teddy?  Obviously, her WeJoySing musical experiences have made a lasting impression on this 17 month old little life!

These early impressionable years are extremely important in our little ones’ development. The amazing, joy-filled moments of music and play in their lives have far-reaching effects on their overall development and are happily disguised as play! So Bounce, Bounce, Bounce awaaaay!!

Mrs. Kristi!
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Grandma states, "WeJoySing has been the BEST THING!"

Can music really help in my child's language, speech, movement and social development?  Grandmother Suzanne, who brings her grandchild to WeJoySing, answers that question and shares her first hand experience of the POWER OF MUSIC in her grandchild's life and development.  She writes,  

Lindsey is all about MUSIC - A JOYFUL WAY to LEARN and DEVELOP!!

Lindsey is all about MUSIC - A JOYFUL WAY to LEARN and DEVELOP!!

"WeJoySing has been the BEST thing for Lindsey who is in the Help Me Grow program because of speech delays.  Mrs. Julie was Lindsey's first WeJoySing music teacher. Lindsey started very young and was a non-walker. She was in Help Me Grow for speech therapy as well as physical therapy because at 22 months old she wasn't walking. It's important that you know that Lindsey took her first steps in Mrs. Julie's class when Mrs. Julie encouraged Lindsey to come and put her instruments away. It was so moving!!  She doesn't always do everything in class but she sure "takes notes" and then we do a lot of it at home. It has not only stimulated her but it gives her a bit of confidence!



Again, thank you for all WeJoySing has done for Lindsey! It has also give her mom and me hope that her speech will develop just as her walking did, no matter how long it takes!!
Grandmother Suzanne"

Suzanne, thank you for sharing Lindsey's inspiring story with us!  WeJoySing will continue to provide her with only THE BEST so that one day, she will "talk a leg off of you!"
With Great Respect and Appreciation,
Mrs. Jo