Summer Memories with WeJoySing!

Early this summer, Mrs. Jo hosted an "end of the year" party at her home for the Music & Me Level II families.  It was a delightful evening of conversation, fabulous food, friendship, and it was "topped it off" by a marvelous musical demonstration by the Music & Me students!!  Of course, the demonstration included the parents' involvement in the games!  

The recorder demonstration by the students was the highlight of the evening!!  YEP!  Now that they can read & write "drm sl" (solfege) on the staff and have a strong understanding of "re," the students were introduced to "absolute note names" (better known as "A B C's" note names).  We were ready to perform "HOT CROSS BUNS and several other "mrd OR BAG" songs when WHAT SHOULD APPEAR OVERHEAD but a beautiful hot air balloon.

The program abruptly stopped so ALL could gaze at the balloon.  Soon it passed over and the program commenced once again.  HOWEVER, 10 minutes later, the balloon turned its course and headed back toward Mrs. Jo's home!  The EXCITEMENT ERUPTED!  The children shouted and encouraged the pilot to land the balloon in Mrs. Jo's back yard.  In the end, it landed two houses down!!   Now tell me, HOW AM I GOING TO TOP THAT NEXT YEAR!!!??  

One can never tell what will happen as friends make music together!!!  It was a glorious time!

The Gift of MUSIC!!

The Wide mouth frog

The Wide mouth frog

LOOK EVERYONE!  Mrs. Kelly is always excited to come and loves to play with us at the St. Stephen’s Childcare and Community Center downtown Columbus!!   

At St. Stephens Childcare, Mrs. Kelly and the children’s program volunteers from the Christ Child Society work together to support and encourage the children’s play-filled learning and joyful motivation toward the development of essential early skills through music and movement experiences. It’s an exciting and fun-filled time of learning as the children play instruments, sing, read stories and dance!

Here I come with my little tom tom!

Here I come with my little tom tom!

Mrs. Kelly reports that, “The children loved going to "Music Land" and their favorite activities were helping me with the voices while reading "The Wide-Mouthed Frog" and playing the drums!

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