"Long Lonely Days" - Not at WeJoySing!

 “We have all known the long loneliness,
and we have found that the answer is community.” – Dorothy Day

I happened upon this quote while surfing social media and it immediately made me think of WeJoySing and parenthood.  As parents, don’t we all know the “long loneliness”?  While the years may be short, the days can definitely be long.  We are overwhelmed by to-do lists that come along with raising little humans.  These tasks have to be checked off the list by YOU, the parent.  They are done in the dark early morning hours before your children wake, or long after they’ve gone to sleep.  Some days,  hours pass without speaking to another adult.  It can be LONELY. 

friendship & community at WEjoysing!

friendship & community at WEjoysing!

I remember taking my first-born to Mrs. Lynnette’s class for 13-24 month-olds.  We were new to the area and I couldn’t take another second without some form of human contact (besides my needy toddler!).  As I sat in her class for the first time, I nearly wept from the relief and joy I felt.  Wow- here are some other moms JUST LIKE ME with toddlers who have the same needs as mine! Life outside of my four walls actually DOES EXIST!  Friendships grew with these parents who brought their children each week. Playdates were made. Community was built.  Imagine how powerful it is for children to be a part of a larger community!

And now as an instructor for WeJoySing, I have had the privilege of watching these communities of families grow together. I hear parents talking before and after class about those nagging parenting issues that keep us all awake at night. I see parents filled with pride and joy as they watch each of the children reaching different milestones.  What an honor and a blessing it is to witness these relationships growing over time.

You see, WeJoySing is more than just a music class.  Yes, children do develop lifelong skills from these classes. But I want you to know that these classes are so much more. They have been for me, and they can be for you, an answer to the “long loneliness”.  What a gift!

Not Lonely!
Mrs. Jody