Sing the Winter Blues Away!


Brighten Your Day with SONG!.  And many of our WeJoySing families DO just that!
How do I know?

Lisa wrote this week:   We have always loved to do the words and sing the songs at home together. Our children get so excited and say “Again ...Again!”  Sometimes when we are singing, I forget words from the class so it's very nice to be able to listen to them on the WeJoySing website! Thank you!

Ashley wrote: “Cold weather and colds are keeping us inside today!  Singing is making us all better!”

You too can fill the winter days with SONG!  ”But Mrs. Jo, I can’t remember the words of the song.”  Never fear wonderful WeJoySing parents!  The words and audio are on our website at  Simply click on “WORDS,” select your child’s age group and click!  If you have forgotten the password, email me real quick at and we’ll send it to you pronto!!   HAPPY SINGING!!