Heart Strings

Great Quality Time with Your Child!

You and your child, newborn through age 5, will develop a repertoire of delightful children’s folk songs, nursery rhymes, and games during the early childhood music and movement program. Essential early skills are nurtured and innate musical intelligence is refined as you joyfully share, explore, and integrate these activities into your child’s daily life.

INFANTS (Birth-12 Months) - Activities enhance the bond between the parent and child as they play together and make new friends.

TODDLERS  (13-24 Months) – Fast paced, interactive-playful instruction enhances the child’s independence, social, language, motor, and musical skill development.

TODDLERS II  (2-3 Years Old) – Songs are woven into stories and dramatic play, nurturing the child’s creativity, cognitive, language, and musical skills.

PRESCHOOLERS  (4-5 Year Old) – Your child’s musical understanding flourishes as (rhythmic and melodic) foundations for musical literacy are laid in an energy-filled environment rich with singing, playing instruments, and movement.

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