Language of Love

Come! Share this joy-filled musical bonding and stimulation time with your pre-born.

You can communicate your love and stimulate your baby’s development before birth.

Language of Love, a 5 week Pre-birth Parenting and Bonding program, guides you, your partner, and your baby to develop stimulating and playful music, movement, and emotive experiences that benefit the emotional , physical, intellectual, and social growth of all involved.

Your baby’s senses are operative in the womb. He bonds to your voice and thrives on the sensory stimulation you provide.

  • Contribute to the emotional health of parents and child.
  • Music calms the infant before and after birth.
  • Guide parents in the use of music for relaxation during labor and delivery.
  • Promote healthy sibling relationships.
  • Develops positive parenting skills.
  • Enhance musical appreciation for the whole family.

Music Notes

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