Letter to Parents

Red Music Note

Dear Parents,

I am thrilled that you have taken this opportunity to learn more about WeJoySing.

Since 1985, WeJoySing, Inc. has been dedicated to creating music and movement based learning programs for parents and children: LANGUAGE OF LOVE – prenatal, HEART STRINGS – birth-5 years, MUSIC & ME – school age, and group and individual MUSIC THERAPY.

No matter which program you choose, you and your child will be actively involved in the learning process. Together, we’ll be singing, moving, playing, and exploring instruments…filling our senses to the MAX! For you see, we believe that music is for EVERYONE! So, join in the folk songs, nursery rhymes, and games, because something special happens between those who share music together. It’s like the old song says, “The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.

Mrs. Jo

Mrs. Jo

Come! We’ll be looking for you in class.
Keep browsing the website for more information.

Mrs. Jo
President, WeJoySing.Inc.

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Orange Music Note

All children are born with a natural attraction to and fascination with music and movement. This innate musical capacity diminishes quickly if not nurtured during the child’s early, impressionable years.

WeJoySing has been dedicated to nurturing the joys of music education, early childhood development, and parenting skills since 1985.

Our developmentally appropriate music and movement based learning programs are established on the:
Music Education Philosophy of Zoltán Kodály
Early Childhood Music Learning Theory of Edwin Gordon
Early Childhood Learning Theory of Jean Piaget and Howard Gardner
Research in Early Brain Development.

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WeJoySing Vision

Yellow Music Note

The WeJoySing Vision is to provide the highest quality of early childhood music and movement based learning programs which stimulate the child’s musical, emotional, intellectual, psychological, physical, and social development while empowering parents to play, sing, and learn with their children, creating lifelong bonds.

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Green Music Note
  • To nurture the JOYS of early childhood through play filled music and movement based learning experiences.
  • To stimulate the child’s innate musical abilities, laying strong foundations for later musical studies or participation.
  • To foster adult-child interaction that provides the sensory stimulation vital to the child’s development.
  • To provide adult-child education, cultivating the artistry of parenting
  • To refine non-music skills essential to the healthy development of the child: social, cognitive, language, listening, motor, and creative skills.

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Blue Music Note

Singing and movement are the basis for each WeJoySing program. Singing is the child’s main mode of musical participation. Combine this with movement and the whole child becomes the musical instrument!

HEART STRINGS instruction is “informal,” meaning that it looks like play. Play is your child’s most powerful tool for learning. Music provides the marvelous elements of play and repetition for your child, motivating him/her to higher levels of achievement.

MUSIC & ME  instruction is based on the Kodály Methodology where musical literacy is introduced in a developmentally appropriate, logical, sequenced curriculum. Your child will be singing, moving, playing instruments and actively involved while learning to read and write music.

MUSIC THERAPY  sessions are designed by our Board Certified Music Therapist to meet your child’s therapy goals. Using a variety of musical experiences, approaches, and instruments, the music therapy aims to motivate your child to higher skill levels.

LANGUAGE of LOVE endeavors to bring you and your unborn child closer together through loving communications using songs, movement, instruments, and the spoken word.   Your desire to share your love and connect with your baby will stimulate his/her emotional and intellectual growth of before birth.

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