Here is what our parents have to say about us...

As a new mom, it was so encouraging to come, be with other new moms, have fun with my son, and learn songs and skills I could use at home.
WeJoySing does the BEST at instilling a life long love of music in the child’s heart, more than anyone could ever dream of.
— Melinda
I’m sure that my children are learning while they are there and I look at that as an added bonus, but we go just because it’s fun. I look at my fourteen year old daughter and I’m amazed (and sad) when I realize how quickly that the time has passed and that she is now a beautiful young lady. My advice to new mothers is to enjoy every moment you can – take every chance you can to build a strong relationship with your children. WeJoySing offers a great environment in which to “joyfully” interact with your child.
— Pam
WeJoySing has given me the ability to have fun with my kids everyday through music. Some of the songs we learned almost eight years ago, are still sung at our house.
— Ann
This class truly is a joy. We sing the songs all day long every day. Thank you for this terrific program! My girls love music and dancing. I believe a large part of that love is due to this program.
— Stephanie
“As my daughter, Kiara, enters her senior year of high school I have included WJS teachers in my prayers of thanks. She’s a leader in the marching band Mellophone section for the 2nd year running and loves math and science. Kiara started @almost 12 mos with WJS and it was one of THE Best decisions we made as new parents. Her little sister, Ava, will be playing French Horn in 6th grade this fall. She loves music and also loves math and science. We continue to support this program by recommending it to anyone we know with small children. We love you, Mrs. Jo and your wonderful staff.
— Erika
The one-on-one time with my daughter and son is priceless! The half hour each week is my time with just them. My 3 year old has been going to We Joy Sing for 2 years now. Her social skills, listening skills, and appreciation for music have definitely grown since attending classes. My 6 month old just started class and he recognizes the opening and closing songs. He heard me sing them often in utero. I am amazed to see him smile and already listen intently when we are in class and he hears the familiar songs. We will continue We Joy Sing until my children are too old to attend!
— Alison
Child development experts have conducted studies demonstrating how music develops a child’s brain. At WeJoySing, my three children have not only developed their minds but have had fun doing it! I have, too!!
— Vicky
WeJoySing helped my son gain so much confidence when he was such a shy boy. I can’t say enough good things about it!
— Jenn
As an educator and parent of a shy child, the WeJoySing program has gained my daughter’s trust, my respect, as well as fostering music as a powerful lifelong
learning tool full of enjoyment.
— Mom of One
We love Ms. Debbie!!! My daughter wakes up everyday and asks if it’s a Debbie day!
— Heather
There are so many things to think about as a parent, and lots of things to worry about. Coming to WeJoySing classes is one of those things I feel I am doing right!! Not only am I positive my children are learning, but I can relax and enjoy spending time with them. Music and Me classes have been amazing! I’ve had two children complete all levels and now my youngest is in Level 1. It’s awesome to watch Mrs. Jo do the Solfege and hear the children perfectly singing each pitch. I wish I had been taught music the way my children have!
— Georgi